Mobile Application Development

Today’s workforce is mobile. While there are millions of desktop computers inside offices, almost everyone now expects to be productive while on the road, at home or even during meetings

As a result, many organizations now need their applications to run on phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops. NCN has built easy-to-use applications that run on Apple devices, Android phones and tablets, and (of course) Microsoft Windows.

Many developers design mobile apps that look like they belong on a PC browser. This seldom works well because “tap and swoosh” apps require more design forethought than traditional “point and click” applications.

For example, for one client we recently built an app that allows people to check ahead for traffic and road congestion. To do this, the app needed to access multiple back-end databases.

The traditional approach would have been to start with the databases and build the app’s menus based on the structure of the data. This design methodology is why so many PC applications have exhaustive, complex drop-down menus.

Instead, we started with a concept of how the app would look and feel on both iPhone and Android. The resulting app is so intuitive most people can use it as soon as they download it.

Conceptualization And Development

NCN Subject Matter Experts work with our clients to understand the business needs. We then design and develop applications to build their vision. During the conceptualization process, we research and analyze the market, target users, Unique Selling Proposition and compare to other apps in that market space. We identify risks of building an app to increase the application success rate.



Highly trained and skilled in using developer tools for Apple such as Xcode, Objective-C and Cocoa Touch Framework that consists of libraries, APIs, and runtimes, our team creates integrated applications that are easy to use and interactive. They monitor the core process of iPhone app development and test them for bugs or functionality errors.


Due to its features like flexible environment not differentiating between a third party app and a core app, Android has become the most appreciated mobile platform in such a short period. We take pride in developing innovative Android apps and enabling our clients to attract their target audiences. We make use of the Android Security Architecture, SDK tools and APIs to develop any kind of app.


With extensive knowledge in Windows Mobile app development, we provide end-to-end solutions that meet the needs of our clients and the end users as well. Using technologies like Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, EVC++4, Pocket PC 2000, Windows Mobile 8.1 SDK, Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC SDK and more, we develop different apps.

So, if you are on the lookout for mobile application development, NCN Technology is the right partner to fill your app requirements.

Cross Platform

NCN has experience with multiple cross platform applications. These applications allow for one development code delivered across multiple platforms. For some project cases, building the product in a single code versus a native application could be the better solution.

NCN has experience using most of the cross platform products.  Speak with us about your application needs and we can help guide you in the right direction for the most stable and cost effective outcome.

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